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Dongtai Hai Peng marine fitting Co.Ltd is one of earliest company that specializ in designing and manufacturing complete stes of shafting and rubber seals and its accessories (oil lub. water lub stern sealing, intermediate bearings, upper and lower rudder bearings, Polymer bearings, Stuffing box..), Marine Compartment transmission device, oil water separator, ship sewage treatment device, sewage treatment, hot water tank, anti-osmotic seawater desalination device. Our products have been approved by CC、BV、LR、GL、KR、NK、ABS、RIG、DNV. ...
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Haipeng vision:
To build China industry first brand
Haipeng values:
Respect for the customer, employee-oriented, honest work, continuous improvement
Haipeng spirit:
Self-criticism, passion and innovation, scientific rationality, the courage to sacrifice
Haipeng Guidelines:
Strategic prospectie, market traction, science and technology, drive, cost lead, full participation, efficient execution
Oil lubrication stern shaft seal
Stern tube white metal bearing
JT/T365-1995 stern shaft lubrication oil tank stern shaft lubrication system
HPSD/HPSD-I water lubrication stern shaft sealing
HPSD-ll water lubrication end face sealing
Fax:0515-85452856 85452859
Tel:0515-85452858 85452855    Address:Fan Gong Industrial Estate.Dongtai City,Jiangsu,China

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